Wanderlust + toddlers

Ever since I started to share the news that we had booked a trip to LA & Mexico earlier in the year, I was swamped with questions. Most of them from people with utter shock and concern written all over their faces.

‘Why?!’ ‘You’re taking the twins?’ ‘Do you have to go for a wedding or special event?’ ‘You’re crazy!’ ‘ Why would you opt for that kind of torture!’ ‘Don’t you think the twins are a little young for such a big trip?’

These are just a few of the responses I grew accustomed to in the lead up to our first big trip overseas as a family. It became blatantly obvious that some people just could not comprehend why we would choose to travel such a long way with young children.

Now, I will admit, there was a part of me that was anxious about the whole experience. I mean, we did commit to a rather lengthy plane ride with two rather unpredictable little beings after all. Here’s the thing though – I refuse to stop our lives because it may not seem ‘convenient’ or ‘the right time’ to travel with kids.

Here’s a little fun fact – THERE IS NO ‘RIGHT’ TIME TO TRAVEL WITH KIDS!

No matter how old your children are, there will always be pros and cons. You could literally think of a million things that might be difficult travelling with a baby, just as you could with a three year old. Or a 10 year old. Or even a mopey teenager. So if not now – WHEN?

I cant speak for everyone, but I don’t fancy myself the type to wait till I’m old and grey to travel around Australia in a caravan, that’s for certain.

Travelling is such a wonderful thing. For me, it is more than just ‘getting away from it all. It’s more like a reminder to appreciate it all. It has definitely opened my eyes to new things and many humbling experiences.

So for the people asking me ‘Why?’

First and foremost – there is something truly special about spending such quality time together. No wondering how you’ll make time to cook dinner, or worrying about that never ending list of chores you have to do. When we travel – I am 100% present and in the moment. No mundane distractions.

Secondly, there are so many lessons to be learned by travelling. I want my children to experience the world. I want them to be well-rounded, humble people. I hope that they will learn to appreciate all that they have, and to know that there are many people in this world with so little.

I want to create life long memories with them. I want them to experience other cultures, different ways of living. I want them to see the value in filling their lives with adventure, not with materialistic things.

Yes, there are bumps in the road (sometimes literally…see what I did there?) when traveling with kids. The way I see it? There are bumps in the road at home too. Maybe slightly different, less foreign bumps, but bumps none the less. Let’s just say, a tantrum thrown in the Fruit & Veg section at Coles is no less exhausting than a tantrum thrown on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Yes, that happened)

In my opinion, there needs to be less ‘Why?’ and more ‘Why the hell not?!’

If you take just one thing away from this – Don’t believe traveling with children will hinder your holiday experience. It really only makes it all the more magical.





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